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Convention Philosophy

Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc. is a conservative organization and avowedly “young-earth.” Notwithstanding, Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc. is an education forum.

We disavow “groupthink,” as we believe that it is incumbent upon parents to teach children to think critically, to be able to access a broad spectrum of knowledge, and to formulate reasoned conclusions as individuals. Such a foundation should enable them to defend their faith and their worldview as they move through successive levels of education and into the workplace.

To this end, we believe that educators (parents) cannot be closed-minded to differing opinions. Though I may understand my own position very well, I cannot defend it properly unless I am informed regarding other points of view. Such an approach makes for a well-rounded education and, if properly inculcated, a well-grounded student.

We welcome diversity of opinion, as legitimate questions and alternate viewpoints may be found within a variety of subjects. This must not be construed to imply that we are indiscriminate or undiscerning with respect to our speakers or exhibitors. Biblical values are foundational to a cohesive and just society; they cannot be ignored nor posited within a vacuum.

Our speakers are invited guests and are free to present their subject matter as clearly and cogently as they are able. In so doing, they may offer opinion, philosophy, or conviction that differs greatly from that of another.

Speakers are not, however, permitted to call out, name, or attack another speaker/colleague in a way that disparages that person’s character or the validity of their position. A speaker’s presentation should be able to stand on its own merits. For this reason, we believe Christian scholars should be heard, in the same forum, without fear of ostracism or ad hominem attacks.

The Convention philosophy, therefore, seeks to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, while providing homeschool families with the broadest range of excellent materials and resources.

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