The Homeschool Event of the Year!

Dwayne Walker


Dwayne is self-taught artist with a huge passion for creativity and is a thought leader in STEAM education. He has spoken to over 10,000 homeschool parents and students all over the United States.

Dwayne was homeschooled as a child, and was involved in a lot of creative activities in art, dance, music, athletics, martial arts, and more. Art resonated with him the most and his parents realized that. They started using unorthodox techniques in his education that not only increased his talent but also taught him how to leverage his artistic abilities in his academics and towards success.

Throughout middle and high school he went on to win highly-competitive art competitions locally, statewide, and nationally. Dwayne was interviewed by CBS news and the AJC about his experience winning a contest that granted an all-expense paid trip to Italy to diversify his art skills. He was honored to sell his artwork to Thomas Arvid, one of the top artists in the world. He has worked alongside executives of Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola and NIKE, as well as celebrities including NeYo, Chris Tucker, Dikimbe Mutumbo, and Dr. J. By 17 years old, he was proficiently self-taught in graphite, charcoal, and pastel drawing, oil and acrylic painting, and graphic design.

At 21 years old, in he launched a business called Sparketh, an online learning platform that equips students with unrestricted access to a library of high-quality online video art courses.

Dwayne speaks at educational events to parents about enhancing the creativity in the children and leveraging their passion towards success. Dwayne enjoys waking up everyday knowing that he is helping young aspiring creators become masters at the craft.

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