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Paige Hudson


Paige Hudson first acquired an interest in science while watching a flaming gummy bear shoot across the room during her first day of high school chemistry class! Her interest quickly developed into a passion, which led to her receiving a B.S. in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech.

A week after graduating from college, Paige married her best friend, Brad Hudson. Several years and a kid later, she began her homeschooling journey. After researching the science options and coming up empty-handed, she decided to put her degree to good use by writing her own science plans for their daughter. Thanks to encouragement from Brad, those plans became the basis for the programs of Elemental Science, which is now one of Cathy Duffy’s Top 102 Picks for homeschool curriculum.

Paige’s passion for science has grown into a drive to equip homeschool teachers with the tools they need to see their students excel in and enjoy the sciences. She does this through sharing sessions that her attendees describe as “encouraging and helpful” and “simply wonderful,” and through writing curriculum that users describe as “easy-to-use” and “highly recommended.”

Paige and her family make their home in the Appalachian Mountains, where you can find her along with her husband and two children enjoying frequents hikes on the trails and walks to the library. At her digital home, Elemental Blogging, you can find Paige mixing up solutions for homeschoolers as they seek to teach science in their homes.

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