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Resa Steindel Brown

Resa Steindel Brown


Gifted inspirational speaker, teacher, and avid homeschooler, Resa Steindel Brown passionately sounds the wake-up call to help children connect to their innate passions and brilliance. Then she shows us how.

Resa’s mission has spanned thirty years. A pioneer in homeschooling since 1987, she has received significant recognition in homeschool communities developing and directing new home-education venues. She homeschooled her own three children from kindergarten to university levels.

Resa is an award-winning writer, educator, and creator of The Call to Brilliance Series and co-founder of Passion Oriented Education™. She has received national recognition for her Amazon best-seller in parenting and education, The Call to Brilliance, Foreword Magazine’s “Book of the Year” nomination, and Mom’s Choice Award winner. Her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Chicago Tribune. She is endorsed by John Taylor Gatto, William Glasser M.D., Jack Canfield, Joseph Chilton Pearson, and many others.

Her new series, Answering the Call to Brilliance, provides parents and educators with a step-by-step process for finding children’s interests, passions, and brilliance. The series includes The Essential Guide and Workbook and companion guided journals.

Resa is credentialed by the State of California with elementary, secondary, and community college through university-level teaching credentials in multiple subject areas, attaining the special designation of “Highly Qualified in English Language Arts, Math, General Science, Social Studies and the Visual/Performing Arts.”

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