The Homeschool Event of the Year!

S.D. Smith

Special Tracks

We are honored to have S.D. Smith participating in this year’s Classical Education track (sponsored by WORLD News Group).


S. D. Smith is the author of the middle-grade adventure fantasy novels, The Green Ember, The Black Star of Kingstonand Ember Falls (The Green Ember: Book II). Despite spending time as one of the top 100 best-selling authors on Amazon and seeing the audiobook for The Green Ember hit #1 in worldwide sales on Audible, Smith remains an award-losing author. His debut novel was a runner up for both World Magazine and Audible’s Kid’s Book of the Year Awards.

His collaborative website, Story Warren, is an artful ally to parents who are eager to foster holy imagination at home.

Smith lives with his wife and four kids in West Virginia, because it would be weird to live with someone else’s wife and four kids in West Virginia (or anywhere else, right?).