Charlotte Mason’s Secret to Successfully Leading Your Homeschool

As homeschool moms, we don’t always think of ourselves as leaders, and yet here we are with numerous young people looking to us for their education. In this session, we learn something seemingly magical: a non-confrontational, simple approach to leading our children with wisdom.

Scholé Sisters Panel presents Carpe Librum: What to Read as a Classical, Charlotte Mason Mom

Midwest Homeschool Convention

Some of the most-asked questions from mothers living the classical and Charlotte Mason philosophy are these: “What books should I read?” “And what order should I read them in?” In this panel, you get to ask the Scholé Sisters about your reading, and they will introduce you to their favorite titles and even list them …

Thoroughly Christian Education: Charlotte Mason Meets Thomas Aquinas

Charlotte Mason encouraged her teachers to ponder a certain Spanish fresco every Sunday afternoon. She believed the characters in this grand painting could impart much wisdom in regard to education, and she wanted all parents to experience this “Great Recognition.” Join us for an intimate look at the fresco, and have your own great recognition …