The Homeschool Event of the Year!

Homeschool 101

New to homeschooling? This is your starting place.

Our Homeschool 101 track will walk you through the steps to begin homeschooling, from preparation before removing children from another school to record-keeping and report cards.

Learn how to figure out…

  • what to teach at each level,
  • options for setting yourself up under an umbrella program or independently,
  • how to create a cumulative file,
  • and much more vital information.



How to Make a Simple, Effective High School Transcript

Transcripts are not just for college admissions: every student needs one. An effective high school transcript highlights your student’s talents, strengths, and skills in the same way a résumé does for a prospective employee. Come and learn a step-by-step process for planning and creating the transcript, including how to assign grades, calculate a grade point average,…

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How to Choose and Adapt Curriculum

Whether you’re just beginning to homeschool or have been teaching for a few years, choosing curriculum for a houseful of different personality types and learning styles can seem like navigating New York City without a map. How do you make sense of all the choices and find the best options for your family? Join us…

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How to Plan Your Homeschool Year

Once you have committed to teaching your students at home, how can you possibly fit in everything you need to teach? We’ll talk about how to set realistic goals, establish focused planning sessions and regular check-ups, and how to create a simple yearly overview and weekly routine that can help you stay relaxed and on…

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