The Homeschool Event of the Year!


A special track to help you ease the trials of parenting, including the session Turn Conflict Into Cooperation presented by Cynthia Tobias.



Who Gets to Decide What’s Normal?: Finding Success for All Kinds of Learners

What if how well you do in school doesn’t turn out to be what makes you successful in life? Here’s an entertaining and informative look at how individual learning styles can reveal some surprising and amazing keys for motivating all kinds of students to love learning for the rest of their lives.

More Than Just Another Day of School: Immediately Useful Strategies for Teaching Them the Way They Learn

Insights and practical strategies for recognizing and appreciating all kinds of learning styles. You’ll receive a quick and invaluable profile for identifying natural strengths for learners of all ages, and ideas for motivating them to take charge of their own success.

How to Select a College and Prepare Your Student to Not Just Survive but Thrive

Over 50% of students walk away from the church during their first two years of college. In this session, Dr. Thomas White—Cedarville University President, theology professor, published author, and homeschool dad—will present straightforward truth and insider tips from almost 20 years in higher education leadership. Topics addressed will include the following: How to determine what…

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Teaching Kids to Think Well about Faith: 3 Critical Thinking Skills Every Child Should Have

Every parent wants to raise good thinkers—kids who know how to think, not simply what to think. Learning how to think well about faith is especially important given that kids today are being bombarded with conflicting truth claims. While Christian parents can do much to prepare their kids to encounter specific claims against Christianity (see…

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Equipping Kids for a Secular World: Practical Ideas for Teaching Christian Apologetics at Home

Kids today clearly need an understanding of apologetics in order to navigate the tough questions they’re certain to encounter from a secular world (see session 1 and session 2). But what, specifically, can parents do to develop that understanding in daily home life? This session will provide highly practical ideas that parents can begin using immediately….

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What Your Kids Will Hear About Christianity: Understanding the 5 Big Challenges Posed by a Secular World

“There is no God. All religions are basically the same. Miracles are impossible. The Bible is hopelessly ancient and unreliable. Science disproves God.” These messages (and many more) are constantly being promoted by a secular world and are likely to challenge your kids’ faith eventually…especially if you haven’t prepared them first. This session will address…

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Introduction to Christian Apologetics: Why Kids Today Must Learn to Make a Case for and Defend Their Faith

1 Peter 3:15 says that we should always be prepared to give reason for the hope we have in Christ. In an increasingly secular world that is vigorously challenging the validity of faith, this call to understand why there’s good reason to believe Christianity is true is more important than ever. In this session, parents will…

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79 Ideas, Strategies, Resources, and Tactics to Avoid Whack-a-Mole Parenting

Do you feel like you’re a whack-a-mole parent who plays the wait-and-react game whenever your kids pop out and do something bad? Become proactive instead of reactive by developing a family mission statement that envisions what kind of young adults you want to launch from your home. Learn practical ways to build character into your children, adjusting…

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How to Flourish in the Season You’re In, Whether You Like It or Not

Many people live frustrated, wishing for fruit from a season we are not in. Drawing lessons from her own life journey as a failed career woman and a perplexed mother, Shelley Leith will help you discover how to flourish where you are planted now, whether you’re in a season of reality, failure, purpose, transition, the…

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