The True Diversity of Homeschoolers and Home Educators

Home-schoolers are often labelled as conservative Christians, but this school choice is practiced by very diverse groups in the population. In addition to Christians, many other groups are home educators, including atheists, Muslims, scientists, single parents, and grandparents. African Americans, white Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and anyone wishing to try it out as an alternative form …

The Painful Travail of the Homeschool Movement of the 1980’s

Although homeschooling had been around for many years, it began to take off in the 1980’s. There were many different reasons: For some, public education was seen as failing and private school education was either too expensive or of undesirable quality. There were also unaccommodated special-needs children. Others felt their deep-set religious convictions were not …

Seers and Sayers: The Basics of Raising (or Becoming) a Young Writer

All too often, people think of writers as mysterious beings who came into existence by accident. While many writers are the result of long and winding journeys full of mistakes, mishaps, and self-instruction; the truth is that great writers can be raised, so long as they are guided and governed by a few basic principles.

Stories Are Soul Food: The Place of Magic, Fear, and Fantasy in the Lives of Children

As Christian parents attempting to raise faithful children, the temptation to protect our children from every little slice of darkness and shadow can be overpowering. But not only is that impossible, it is also unhealthy. Children need stories with darkness and fear, because they need stories that feature courage and sacrifice. Fantasy can be a …

Losing Control and Liking It

Understand the difference between controlling your children and influencing them; what you are responsible for as a parent and what you’re not; the reason for rules and how to make good ones.